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Saturday, 24 August 2013

antique textiles - Patterns

Today is all about pattern. Just look at these from my collection. Cross stitch used perfectly.

These are  detailed views from  a Chinese square and yes that is all cross stitch on the finest open weave silk. Absolutely exquisite. Its from the 1800s so a very  old piece. In perfect condition - the colours are still quite bright. Note the symbol for a thousand years that was hijacked by 'that little man' ! Strange how pattern can mean a variety of things when used in another context.

Another Chinese piece but in satin stitch on silk. These are from long table runners, c 1920s, made for the Western market. Lots of symbols on them - flowers, bats, and of course dragons. In the West we have lost the importance of symbols in textiles but they are still very meaningful in other parts of the world.

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